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Karen E. Reynolds is into music...all aspects of it.
She is a touring performing songwriter; owns and operates SoundAdvice, an artist's services agency; heads up an independent record label; teaches songwriting and music business for the University Of Tennessee; and has national credits to her name as a producer, vocalist, publicist, or promoter. She is also host and program director of "Writer's Block", a radio program and concert series showcasing independent artists.
In short, she stays busy.

Although wearing a variety of hats (she insists that ballcaps are more her style), Karen is first and foremost a singer-songwriter. Her lyrics cut directly to the chase of emotion and as you listen to her southern-tinged voice that has been described as being powerful and delicate at the same time, you may find yourself wondering how she seems to know all about you. Whether a mournful tale of loss, or a comical look at a relationship gone awry, Karen has a way of sharing all of life's wonders and heartaches through her music. 

"I love the 'conversation' between audience and artist. When you connect with the folks listening, music takes on a whole new meaning. It becomes a necessary communication where we can relate to each other, simply, as human beings. It can erase prejudice, cross boundries and change minds. It's a blessing, really."

Reynolds will sometimes laugh and casually comment on being a total unknown, but truth is, this Knoxville girl has performed in some of the most notable listening rooms, venues and festivals in existence and has shared the stage with some of the best and most well known artists in the business. She has performed for mayors, senators and US Olympians and her writing recently landed her a publishing contract with Wolf Publishing in Nashville. Reynolds has three releases on the market to date and is currently working on her fourth.

True to her gentle southern upbringing, she stays humble and frequently speaks of how tremendously blessed she feels to do what she does. When asked about her influences and style, Karen states, "Who influenced me?? Have a seat...this could take a while. <laughing> I was raised by a 'pack of musicians', and am forever grateful for the musical education I got right there at home. But Cheryl Wheeler, Alison Krauss, Mindy Smith, Shawn Colvin, Susan Werner, Patty Griffin, along with the many wonderful Independent artists I've been fortunate enough to share stages with, inspire me to keep reaching for the lyric that makes a difference. And I certainly can't leave out Hank Sr., Emmylou Harris, CASH, Linda Ronstadt, and countless others. Fact is, there are SO many who are great, I just listen to them all...and try to learn".
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